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Video highlights from Societal Impact of Pain 2013

Pain experts from across the European Union met in Brussels in May for a meeting of the Societal Impact of Pain. The group is a lobbying platform which aims to improve pain management across the EU. This year’s meeting focused on two topics: how best to measure the quality of pain management services and helping people with chronic pain remain in or re-enter the workplace.

This video features brief interviews with some of the most influential people at the meeting talking about the reasons for holding it and their aspirations for the future of pain managment in the EU.

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Richard Gayford

it is nice to think that pain management is being taken seriously at long last.

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malcolm Humphreys

AS a Long Term Chronic Pain Sufferer for over 10 Years looking at this Euro idea on Pain..After Listening to the Comments on the Film…They These People Have NO Idea what they are Talking about..I Seriously Doubt if Many of them Have Ever suffered Chronic Pain in their Lives…They are More concerned about taking Pictures then Helping people who are in Constant Pain…They are ONLY here to try to get people Back into Work..Our Coalition government are doing a Similar programme Though they do NOT care how much Pain you are in…

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Heather Wallace

I had to give up work because of pain. The experience left me feeling worthless and useless. 2 years later I managed to get back to work two hours a week, even then I struggled with my pain. Now, 30 years later, I am glad I took that step. I’m still in pain but I can do more. I work part time in Pain Concern’s office and really enjoy having a role and work colleagues. My pain is still there but at least I have something else to think about and to fill my day.

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