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New information on Spinal Cord Stimulation

Medical instrument manufacturer Medtronic have developed a new patient information website with detailed guidance for people interested in Spinal Cord Stimulation.

Although NICE has approved this treatment for certain pain conditions, very few people in the UK have been fitted with stimulators. It is important that both patients and doctors become more aware of this option so that people in pain can be offered the most appropriate treatment for their condition.

The new website provides detailed information about spinal cord stimulation and allows you to self-assess for whether it could be an appropriate treatment for you.

Disclaimer: Please note that Pain Concern cannot recommend treatments and accepts no responsibility for the content of external websites.

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Interesting reading!.

I have suffered from nerve pain in my back for 11 years for which I take Lyrica twice a day which helps but sometimes the pain is very bad and I have to up the dosage. I get pain when I sit in the same position for too long and I also get pain when sitting against a cushion. I wear a patch on my back when I go to bed at night and this also helps.
My nerve pain is a result of a very rear condition called Chairi 1 and and Syringomelia which I underwent surgery for ‘ decompression ‘ ten years ago.

I would be very interested to receive your news letter


Delia Gist

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