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Tag: GP

Community link workers look at the whole person

June 15 , 2023
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Author Leeanne Killen is Community Link Worker/Primary Care Development Manager, North Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership. Health is impacted by a wide range of factors that are not always medical, including isolation, money worries, housing issues, self-management, work, and lifestyle. Leeanne Killen gives an insight into ...

Airing Pain 107: Easing Pain Appointments with the Navigator Tool

October 02 , 2018
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How Pain Concern’s Navigator Tool can help focus pain appointments This edition has been funded by funded by the Health and Social Care Alliance and Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation. In 2015 Pain Concern released its report, ‘Breaking barriers to self-management of chronic pain in primary care’, marking the ...

Pain Concern’s Navigator Tool Video Series

September 12 , 2018
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New research from Pain Concern offers the prospect of better care for those living with chronic pain. The specially-developed Self-Management Navigator Tool encourages positive communication between people seeking to manage debilitating pain and their healthcare professionals. Coming out of the Breaking Barriers to Chronic Pain in Primary Care research ...

Airing Pain 101: Persistent Post-Operative Pain in Cancer Survivors

April 03 , 2018
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How cancer survivors can experience post-operative pain, and confronting the national issue of post-cancer treatment This edition is funded by The Agnes Hunter Trust. An ever-increasing cancer survivor rate means chronic pain associated with the condition and its treatment is growing. In the UK alone, cancer survivor rates have ...

Study finds CBT and pain education interventions improve pain in disadvantaged patients – Article

February 27 , 2018
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Airing Pain 98: IASP Global Year of Excellence in Pain Education and North Bristol Pain Management Programme

January 03 , 2018
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What is the IASP Global Year of Excellence in Pain Education, and how does pain management research benefit the patient? This edition is funded by Pain Concern’s donors and friends, assisted by an educational grant from Grünenthal. The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), formed in 1973, ...

Pain Concern’s response to NHS England’s proposal to restrict prescribing of certain pain medicines by general practitioners

August 10 , 2017
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Pain Concern is a national charity that supports those who live with long term pain, and those who care for them, by providing information on pain and its management through a variety of media platforms. We also raise awareness about pain and the need to improve the ...

Airing Pain 85: Pain in Europe

July 26 , 2016
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Why pain is a matter of life and death, the struggle for diagnosis and challenging misperceptions of palliative care This edition is funded by Grünenthal. Around 20 per cent of Europe’s adult population live with chronic pain and the consequences for individuals and society are devastating. In this edition ...

Airing Pain 72: Breaking the Barriers to Managing Pain

October 14 , 2015
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Why self-management isn’t working and what we can do about it This edition is part of a project funded by the Health and Social Care Alliance. We know that supported self-management reduces the impact of chronic pain on daily life, but many people in pain feel they are not ...

Breaking Barriers #4: GP consultations

September 04 , 2015
Your GP is likely to be the healthcare professional who’ll be most involved in helping manage persistent pain, but it can sometimes be a difficult relationship. People in pain and their GPs both often feel that there isn’t enough time to deal with a problem as complex ...

Breaking Barriers #5: Medical investigations

September 05 , 2015
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Doctors and patients can both get caught up in an almost endless search for a cure or a clear diagnosis of what’s causing the pain. Searching for a medical solution is understandable, but it can delay people in starting to learn to manage their pain. With the right ...

Airing Pain 69: People not Patients

April 28 , 2015
Sharing decisions and why pain management needs psychology This edition has been funded by a grant from the Scottish Government. Can a doctor ever be too sympathetic? Health psychologist Professor Tamar Pincus explains why this might be the case – patients with long term conditions can feel like they ...