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Tag: primary care

Airing Pain 107: Easing Pain Appointments with the Navigator Tool

October 02 , 2018
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How Pain Concern’s Navigator Tool can help focus pain appointments This edition has been funded by funded by the Health and Social Care Alliance and Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation. In 2015 Pain Concern released its report, ‘Breaking barriers to self-management of chronic pain in primary care’, marking the ...

Airing Pain 84: Cancer pain

July 11 , 2016
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How cancer survivors can manage long term pain and creating a home from home at the hospital This edition is funded by the Agnes Hunter Trust. More people than ever before survive cancer, but the disease and treatment can have long-lasting effects on health, including chronic pain. In this ...

Airing Pain 80: Suffering is Optional

May 19 , 2016
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Improving treatment for veterans in pain and facing the challenges of civilian life This edition has been funded by the MacRobert Trust and the Forces in Mind Trust. ‘Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.’ A motto tattooed onto the arm of a wounded veteran which, although easier said ...

Airing Pain 72: Breaking the Barriers to Managing Pain

October 14 , 2015
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Why self-management isn’t working and what we can do about it This edition is part of a project funded by the Health and Social Care Alliance. We know that supported self-management reduces the impact of chronic pain on daily life, but many people in pain feel they are not ...

New information on Spinal Cord Stimulation

June 15 , 2015
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Medical instrument manufacturer Medtronic have developed a new patient information website with detailed guidance for people interested in Spinal Cord Stimulation. Although NICE has approved this treatment for certain pain conditions, very few people in the UK have been fitted with stimulators. It is important that both patients ...

#PainPetition aims to improve pain management services in the UK and we need your signature

September 01 , 2014
#PainPetition campaign leaflet I am never asked how my pain is by my GP even if I go about my pain. When I see my surgeon it is usually because I am suffering and he asks me where the pain is and what type of pain but ...

Airing Pain 52: Better Care for People in Pain

January 15 , 2014
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How to ensure people in pain get the best treatment: a new guideline for chronic pain in Scotland This edition has been funded by a grant from the Scottish Government. At the launch of a new guideline on treatment of chronic pain in Scotland, Paul Evans speaks to patients ...

Airing Pain 50: Pain Services in the Community

December 19 , 2013
GPs surgery, telephone or pain clinic: where should pain management take place? [For a Welsh language transcript please click here.] This edition has been funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All Programme in Wales. ‘Good pain services, based in the community will make a huge difference to the ...

Final National Pain Audit report findings: safety protocols need to be reviewed in many services

October 30 , 2013
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A British Pain Society and Dr Foster Intelligence joint Audit has found that safety protocols need to be reviewed in many specialist pain services to ensure that mental health risk assessment and full case reviews of missed diagnoses are routinely performed. The report recommended that specialist training ...

Airing Pain 45: Helping Us to Help Ourselves

June 06 , 2013
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Empowering patients from GP's surgery to Pain Management Programme This programme was funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards For All programme in Northern Ireland. Healthcare professionals and people with pain need to work together to manage chronic pain conditions, but how is this achieved in practice? Paul Evans ...

Video highlights from Societal Impact of Pain 2013

May 21 , 2013
Pain experts from across the European Union met in Brussels in May for a meeting of the Societal Impact of Pain. The group is a lobbying platform which aims to improve pain management across the EU. This year's meeting focused on two topics: how best to measure ...

European experts meet to push for improved pain management

April 30 , 2013
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Since 2010, improving European pain management has been the key objective of the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) lobby group. On 14-15 May 2013, the SIP’s annual meeting will continue its mission of raising international awareness of the impact of pain. The meeting, hosted by the EU ...